Design Management

A strong brand always lets people know that it's just that brand, wherever they are. A kind of "at home" feeling for the customer. One of the most complex areas of a company, but one that can be controlled with good organization, is that of design management. This is a particular challenge in global corporations that operate successfully with numerous branches in many countries and cultures, and it requires constant scrutiny.

Management also stands for authority. Without a central body that consistently sets a direction, an entire company loses its orientation. Both customers and the workforce benefit from a global, sharpened and consistently recognizable identity.

Your advantage:

Centralized management the design elements of the brand and always an overview of everything.

Who designs what and why?

In many cases, especially when a company is organized through a holding structure, design agencies based in the target country are commissioned with design projects of varying size. This goes from the design of a branch to a local campaign, website, etc. Not every agency has the same style. In one country, "loud" visual cues may be very successful, while the same campaign may be perceived as incompetent in another. The advantage of having local designers on local projects is their cultural understanding. The respective market segments of the country are successfully activated by this competence. Even some large advertising agencies have their own offices in special strategic hubs that belong to the parent company but operate independently.

Strong brands through brand consistency

One risk is always that design results, while perceived as aesthetic, emotionally high quality and relevant, may be perceived as a separate product and not part of the brand. Beauty is not the unique selling point of a brand, but its worldwide uniform appearance. Only through brand consistency can a globally professional external image be achieved.

In practice, this means the same application of the style guide worldwide. Colors, fonts and their sizes, the use of the logo, etc. must follow defined rules.

Design management also means providing support in cases of doubt. In this way, a second look can ensure that the brand remains consistent.

Central brand asset management

Central brand asset management opens up a platform for local designers to work creatively but consistently with the brand. The following areas, among others, can be efficiently supplemented in this way:

  • Photography, illustration, symbols, graphic design building blocks

  • Templates in which all the specifications described in the Style Guide are already implemented

  • Style Guide for download and reference (including updates)

  • Logo in different variants and file formats

  • User permissions for upload and download

  • Upload of work from local design agencies for review and approval by central design management

The global brand portfolio of the Sonova | Audiological Care group must fit the group in addition to ensuring the local impact of the local brands.

Vitalize your brand.

Feel free to contact us directly and discover the enormous possibilities of your brand.

Vitalize your brand.

Feel free to contact us directly and discover the enormous possibilities of your brand.

Vitalize your brand.

Feel free to contact us directly and discover the enormous possibilities of your brand.