Corporate Design

We develop corporate designs or address weaknesses in existing visual structures and create brands that communicate a clear message.

Our website design for the client Dülk & Kosub clearly shows how the concept of "clean water" is communicated graphically in the corporate design. Bright, fresh, and pure.

Excerpts from the design guidelines for the client LIBAKO. The impact of a brand lies not only in the individual elements, but also their interaction.

When a company's culture and all communication tools follow a visual guideline, we speak of a "corporate design". This goes far beyond a logo or a font.

Your advantage:

Your brand receives a powerful and holistic identity. A strong corporate design simultaneously motivates the employees.

Good and bad examples of corporate design, or rather its inconsistent application, are often provided by airlines. Here's an example of how it can be when outstanding service is complemented by consistent branding:

You go to book a flight on a clearly and inspiringly designed website where you get to your destination quickly. You receive emails and boarding passes that bear the same design. You arrive at the airport, where the brand world begins architecturally at the check-in counter - far more than just a carry-on baggage check box printed with the logo.

The staff greets you in the company's own special way, with a uniform and a scarf that visually cite the brand. You identify by handing over your high-quality, dark mileage-status card. The ticket is placed in a small case made of heavy paper. Even if you prepare everything using the cleanly programmed app in brand design, which displays the boarding pass on your smartwatch, you always know which company you are traveling with. The lounge also sets the highest standards of hospitality and interior design. All furniture, lights, colors, materials, etc., communicate affiliation with the airline.

Outside your eyes meet the huge plane, whose paint job is a visual highlight. On board, where the attire of the flight attendants who serve you so courteously is a statement of style, conveys a sense that you are in good hands. The interior of the machine, the seat that folds out into a bed, the armrests, the entertainment system, the hot towel with airline logo before the snack, its packaging adorned with small golden letters, matching fork, glasses, and dishes — everything is consistently designed in corporate design. Upon arrival at the airport, entering a cab is the first moment where you leave the brand.

Maybe you do not want to start an airline, but the idea is the same. You pick people up somewhere, take them on a journey, and every interaction with your company must harmoniously fit into an overall communication concept — every little graphic, every little logo or symbol. This creates hundreds or even thousands of small building blocks that need to be designed. This high effort significantly contributes to the success of communication. Because a loyal customer could perceive a kind of trigger of irritation in one of these small building blocks that does not fit with the others. At times, this is more present in consciousness than the many positive experiences.

Style guides are essential to the success of a brand's design strategy. Here's a look at the work for Sonova | Audiological Care.

OncoSenX shines in fresh green and turquoise colors to convey hope. Strategically important is the assessment of the balance between white spaces and colors.


Every contact of your company with people should result in a consistent message. Seen, heard, felt. This way you will be remembered and a relevant part of your customer's life. Corporate design means being complete.

Energize your brand.

Feel free to contact us directly and discover the possibilities of your brand.

Energize your brand.

Feel free to contact us directly and discover the possibilities of your brand.

Energize your brand.

Feel free to contact us directly and discover the possibilities of your brand.